Is it good quality information, or is it misinformation, or a little of both?

The final draft of the annotated bibliography should contain all of your sources for the project. Here are the project requirements again, in case you’ve forgotten:

Information and Misinformation: Annotated Bibliography Project

You have chosen to research a controversial social issue this semester. This is the issue you proposed at the beginning of class.

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For this project, you are going to write an annotated bibliography. You have already taken a quiz covering the purpose and format of an annotated bibliography.

You will need to narrow your topic to something specific. A topic such as climate change should be narrowed down into something such as alternative energy sources, alternative forms of transportation, and the effect of climate change on the US economy.

You will need to read these instructions more than once and follow them carefully.

Here is information you need to complete this assignment:

  1. An annotated bibliography consists of citations and annotations, so you need both.

The citation is the information about the source, and you should use MLA format for it. For a guide on MLA citations, see this page from OWL Purdue.  (Links to an external site.)

The annotation is a paragraph about the citation. Here is what you should have in each annotation.

1-3 sentences that summarize the main argument or idea of the source and how the author supports this idea.

5-7 sentences that evaluate the credibility of the source using the CRAAP test. You should have one sentence about C,R,A,A, and P (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose). Use this handout to remind you of what to write for each element.

1 sentence that sums up your impression of the source. Is it good quality information, or is it misinformation, or a little of both?

 Here is an example of an annotated bibliography. You can delete the content of this bibliography and use this document as a template.

The annotated bibliography should include the following sources:

At least 2 sources from social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). These sources might be written or on video. At least one must be a source of misinformation, based on your CRAAP analysis. Misinformation might include a sources that presents a conspiracy theory, is too biased to be credible, is not supported by fact, or includes misleading data.

At least 2 sources must be considered news. Locate these sources at One of these sources should also be a source of misinformation, based on your CRAAP analysis.

At least 2 sources should be from HCC’s databases. The best one to use for this project is one called Opposing Viewpoints. You can find it here: (Links to an external site.) In order to access the database, you must enter in your HCC ID number. Find articles that represent at least 2 different views on your topic.

  1. In total, your annotated bibliography should be a minimum of 1000 words. A successful bibliography will likely be more.

FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, you are to turn in your citations and annotations for 3 OR MORE SOURCES. This will let me and your classmates see what you’re working on. Entries should be complete and correctly formatted.

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