Legal Analysis


Shelly has been awakened every night this week by a pack of barking dogs in the alley behind her apartment building. Finally fed up, she grabs a BB gun her nephew left at her apartment and shoots out of the window at the dogs. Just as she is shooting, Carol, one of her neighbors, comes out from behind the building, right where the dogs are. Carol shrieks and falls to the ground, holding her arm. The dogs run away. Carol looks up and sees Shelly holding the gun in the window. Carol presses criminal charges against Shelly and contacts the firm where you work because she wants to sue Shelly civilly as well.

Based on the above information and after reviewing assigned course materials and conducting brief research on any pertinent laws and cases in your jurisdiction, answer.

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Can Carol sue Shelly? Why or why not?
Analyze the possible claims and any defenses available.
Discussion Question 2: Legal Analysis – Practical Joke Consequences

In the following discussion question, you must study a personal injury scenario to analyze the tortfeasor’s conduct to determine whether the victim has any viable tort claims (to include identifying the elements of each relevant tort) and what remedies might be most appropriate. Additionally, you must identify whether the defendant has any defenses, privileges, or immunities available to eliminate or mitigate any tort liability he or she may have.

Kelly has worked for a construction company for a few months. One of her coworkers, Ken, is a practical joker, and everyone is fair game. Someone mentions to Ken that Kelly is afraid of slasher movies. Thinking it will be hilarious, one day Ken shows up at work wearing a mask of one of the slasher movie characters and hides in the locker room waiting for Kelly. As Kelly enters, Ken jumps at her, wearing the mask. Kelly screams, faints, and hits her head against a locker.

Kelly is not seriously injured and attempts to carry on as usual with her work. Every time she tries to go to the lockers, however, she starts to tremble, her stomach knots up, and she feels sick. This goes on for several days. She goes to the doctor, who prescribes antianxiety medication. Kelly is convinced Ken is going to try something else and is afraid to return to work. She files a lawsuit against Ken and the employer for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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