Lens Analysis

Analyzing an Issue or Event in Wellness Through the Lenses of the Natural and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences
Overview: For the first part of your final project, the critical analysis portfolio, you will select an issue or event in wellness and critically analyze it through the
four general education lenses: history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social sciences. By viewing the issue or event through these lenses, you will
gain insight into how the interconnected nature of wellness affects society as well as both your own individual framework of perception and the choices,
attitudes, and behaviors of others in the world around you.
For this fourth milestone, due in Module Six, you will analyze your issue/event in wellness through the lenses of the natural and applied sciences and the social
sciences. Like Milestone Two, this task provides you with an opportunity to dive deeper into your analysis of the issue/event through these two lenses. This will
provide you with a chance to practice analyzing your issue/event through these lenses and receive feedback on this practice attempt.
Prompt: First, review your work in Modules Five and Six, as well as the IDS Four General Education Lenses document in the Reading and Resources section of
Module One.
Next, analyze your issue/event through the lens of the natural and applied sciences by exploring the following questions:
ï‚· How does this issue/event provide a social commentary through the natural and applied sciences?
ï‚· In what ways can science help resolve or enhance your issue/event?
Next, analyze your issue/event through the lens of the social sciences, and address the following:
ï‚· How does this issue/event interact with the social sciences lens and impact social issues?
ï‚· In what ways does the social science lens help articulate a deeper understanding of the social issue(s) that inform your issue/event?
Note: You are completing two separate analyses: one from the natural and applied sciences and one from the social sciences. You must submit two papers in a
single Word document.
Be sure to use evidence from research to support your analysis. Refer to course resources, the IDS 402 Research LibGuide (linked in the Start Here section of your
course), and any other pertinent resources to support your responses. Relevant current news sources may be used with instructor approval. Incorporate
instructor feedback into Final Project Part One.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Lens Analysis: In this section of your assignment, you will analyze your issue/event through two of the four general education lenses.



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