Leopold, Nietzsche, Plato


In this essay you will utilize all of the different types of writing that we have studied this quarter. Summary, critical reading, and
explanatory synthesis (objective use of various sources) are all necessary components of this style of writing.
You will need to summarize not only the academic argument or debate that you are presenting (usually early in
the essay), but you will also need to demonstrate your ability to critically read various sources. After you have
decided upon your position and collected your evidence to support that discussion, you will then need to
objectively synthesize this information in either a deductive or inductive format. Finally, your essay must draw
upon some aspect of the three types of emotional appeal: ethos, logos, and pathos. You may not utilize all
three with equal weight, but it is difficult to convince a reader without drawing upon all three to some
degree.Pick a topic from class readings and formulate an argument synthesis essay around it. You might
discuss one of the class selections that we have studied: government and individual, how societies are
structured, wealth and obligation, and now sacrifice and individual achievement. Or, you could look at current
world events to argue against some political issue directly related to these topics. You could also look at a local
issue related to course readings to discuss the various issues related to it. Issues related to government
organization and purpose. It is your job to narrow the topic to something manageable in just a few
pages.Whatever topic you choose, make sure that you look at the counterarguments surrounding the issue and
present them within your essay. An argument is only as strong as the evidence (both for and against) that
supports it. Have fun with this essay because it is your opportunity to take an issue that you are passionate
about and convey that passion to your audience


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