Lollipop Company, Inc

Lollipop Company, Inc.
Lollipop Company, Inc. is a small-sized company in the confectionery industry and is based in Minneapolis. The company originally began in 2000. Fifteen years later, the CEO is in need of a larger facility, new machines, more employees, and better compensation and benefits plan. On top of that, the company needs to maintain a profit of 30%, but ideally would like to increase profit to 35%.
Lollipop Company, Inc. is in need of a consultant. You have been hired by the owner & CEO to come into the review, and provide a plan to reach company goals within the next 12 months:
Increase profit by 5% (from 30% to 35%)
Move to a facility that has a larger capacity, ideally double the size
Purchase new confectionery machines (minimum of 3 machines but up to 7 machines)
Hire 5 more employees, including one operations manager
Offer a more competitive compensation and benefits plan to employees
Throughout your project, you will apply transferable skills. Transferable skills are skills that you develop that can be transferred and applied within your chosen career. They are highly valuable and essential for career success. The transferable skills that you will be applying as you complete your project include: Communication, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Digital Fluency, and Diversity & Teamwork.
The CEO is aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion within the company. However, the CEO and Leadership do not realize the differences between diversity and culture, and how this impacts teamwork. As the HR Manager, Leadership has asked you for a plan to motivate the employees at Lollipop Company, Inc
For this project assignment on Lollipop Company, Inc. complete a minimum of a 3-page business professional report that addresses the following concepts:
Discuss the key elements of motivating a culturally diverse organization.
Why is diversity and inclusion important? What are the benefits?
Discuss how working with others can help with respect for diversity and respect for diverse perspectives.
Explain how your plan will motivate and engage a culturally diverse workforce.
Also, describe your plan for encouraging teamwork among a diverse workforce and ensuring that employees make meaningful and valuable contributions to team projects and tasks


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