Manual and digital Report

Visit and select the Government Agencies and Elected Officials tab. Choose an agency and navigate to its Web site. Then, find a recommendations report on a
subject that interests you.In what ways does the structure of the report differ from the structure described in this chapter? In other words, does the report lack some
of the elements described in this chapter, or does it have additional elements? Are the elements arranged in the order in which they are described in this chapter? In
what ways do the differences reflect the audience, purpose, and subject of the report?

Question 2 (400 words)

Using a search engine, locate three or four sample laboratory reports. Compose an e-mail (300 to 400 words) to your mentor, using Word. Compare and contrast the basic
elements of these reports. Consider the following questions:In which ways do they follow a similar format? If the reports differ in format, why do you think the
authors chose to present information in the manner they did?

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Question 3: Instruction Manual + Digital Flyer (600 words)

Using your summary as a guide (submitted by the end of Module 6), write a brief instruction manual (2 to 3 pages which means 600 words) detailing how to use this item,
or a component of this item. For example, you could write a manual about how to use e-mail on an iPhone, not how to use an iPhone (which would necessitate more than 3
pages). Then, design and create a digital flyer that could be used to promote or sell this item. Submit the instruction manual and digital flyer by the end of Module



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