Marketing manager

Creating a marketing plan is an essential part of being a marketing manager. The plan outlines the organisation’s strategic objectives and details how they will be achieved through marketing strategies.
Scenario: You are an independent marketing consultant. You have been asked by an organisation to create a marketing plan for them and come up with some fresh ideas for them in terms of strategy.
Your plan should:
*Be 2,500 – 3,000 words (10% over/under). Have 1.5 line spacing and use 11pt Arial font. Word count does not include your introduction.
*Include a Cover Page, indicating: Your name and student number.
The marketing plan will be assessed based on:

  1. Your ability to present a clear plan for the industry selected and the integration of marketing theory in an appropriate and relevant way.
  2. Your presentation of an original, clear and edited narrative which shows thorough research of the topic(s).
  3. The ability to write in an academic (formal) tone and that you have referenced correctly throughout the report and in your reference list.
    Elements of your plan:
    1a. Introduction: In this section you will have a picture of yourself and an introduction to what your personal opinion is on this organisation and how you think your marketing plan will help the organisation. This should be around 500 words . This part is essential in ‘selling’ your plan. This can be informal. You should also name your organisation that you represent in a clever way – example ‘Hinchcliff Marketing Specialists’.