Marriage Rituals & Forms in Different Societies



What is the essay about?
For this essay, you will apply what you have been learning in class to explain a cultural practice you are familiar with. Papers should illustrate your knowledge of course texts, concepts and your ability to utilize them in critical thinking.
Essay requirements:
1. Relevant topic — the cultural practice should be clearly described. 2. Thesis statement. 3. Minimum of 2 academic sources (textbook & 1 additional source — article, etc.). 4. Length: 4 — 5 pages of text. Double spaced. One or two images, providing they are appropriate to the essay, are allowed. 5. Papers should have a title page, correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and APA citations with a works cited page. You do not need to provide an abstract.
How to get started? Three easy steps.
First, begin brainstorming cultural practices you are familiar with. For instance, this could include religious practices, food (preparation methods, consumption practice), or language (symbolic meaning). You are the primary informant of this practice — so be sure to select something your familiar with. If you need inspiration, review modules and textbook chapters.
Then, begin reviewing modules and course texts to select concepts or theories that will help explain your cultural practice. Anthropological concepts are found in your textbook and my lectures. Concepts help us to organize our thinking about abstract topics, and they allow us to think in terms of explanation. In this final step, thesis statements begin to emerge.

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