Mgt551 final exam | Human Resource Management homework help

Each question below requires a minimum of 500 words in your answer:

  1. Provide two examples of common issues that derail the budgeting process or make it less effective.  What actions can management take to help alleviate these issues? 
  2. What actions might an organization take that would create value for a shareholder with short term investment goals?  How would those actions differ if trying to create shareholder value for a long term investor?
  3. Can actions taken to create shareholder value conflict with customer value creation or vice versa?  Provide an example.
  4. How might ‘going green’ create value for the organization, their customers, and their shareholders?
  5. If you were in charge of the performance management efforts at your organization what action or concept learned in this course would be the most important for long term successful implementation of the performance management program?