minimum 5 additional scholarly

Teachers assignment description: For your culminating experience in this course, you will critically engage with the history and relevant literature of one colonial context. You will use the theories we have covered to analyze the discourses produced to obscure/justify colonial dominance, violence, and exploitation. For this paper you must find at minimum 3 additional scholarly sources by authors from the colonial context (ex: if you have selected India, you must find scholarship by Indian and other South Asian authors). This paper will be 12-15 pages double spaced. The final paper should address the following: – introduction with the history of this colonial context – A literature review using course materials/concepts or outside readings and scholarly sources from the Indigenous people in that colonial context – An overview of the primary source/rhetorical text where we can see (de)colonial discourses unfold. This might be a constitution, official documents from the colonizer, memoirs, diaries, film or photographs of the colonial context which might give us insight into how colonization was rhetorically framed. – Your rhetorical analysis of the text breaking down the message to demonstrate colonial ideologies using the concepts and themes from your literature review – A conclusion I am doing my project on the colonization of Brazil. I have completed an outline with some quotes and ideas for my paper and I have 10 sources so far. I think I may need a source from an author from Brazil and then also for the primary source/rhetorical text section, you would need to just look for interviews or news articles that helps my argument. In this paper, I need to talk about race in Brazil and how it affects the population and the people who were colonized. I also need to talk about the favelas in Brazil (poor communities) and compare that to colonization. Finally, I need to talk about the 2016 Rio Olympics and relate that back to colonization.


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