MIS101 Information Systems for Business

MIS101 Information Systems for Business
Assessment Assignment – Mathematics for Computing
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1200 words (+/-10%)
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: a) Identify and explain components of information system for business. b) Demonstrate an understanding of computing related mathematics.
Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday end of Module 4.2.
Weighting 40%
Total Marks 100
Task Summary
Using your understanding of computer number system and logic, answer the questions provided.
Computer systems only understand binary numbers. The CPU, the main component inside a computer system, makes logical decision based on binary numbers. In Modules 3 and 4, you learned about computing mathematics and logic. This assessment focuses on your understanding of the number system and logic in computers.
Task Instructions
Read the questions carefully and give clear and precise answers.
Question 1:
a) Choose a sentence of no more than 25 characters containing your name (Example: ‘Kyle is in high school.’ Identify the ASCII code for each character; identify its decimal representation and then convert it into its equivalent binary number. (10 marks).
b) Convert the binary sequence (identified in part ‘a’) back to characters (5 marks).
c) Show the hexadecimal representation of each character in the selected sentence (5 marks).
Question 2:
Select an everyday real-life problem that requires two inputs. Once selected, represent it using a truth table. Explain the possible outcomes. Represent your problem using a logic diagram (20 marks).
Question 3:
Use the internet to investigate and explain what data transfer rate or speed is (10 marxsj.
Question 4:
How is the concept of Set Theory applied to Relational Databases? Give two examples (10 marks).
Question 5:
Identify and explain at least two applications of hexadecimal numbers in modern computing (10 marks).
Question 6:
Consider the following scenario:
The three inputs which affect the outcome of a business are:
1. the management is good
2. employees are satisfied
3. people are hard-working
If the management is not good, the organisation will be in loss. If management is good and employees are satisfied but they do not work hard, then the organisation will be in loss. If the management is good but the employees are not satisfied, then the business will break-even. If all three conditions are satisfied, then the organisation will be in profit.
Analyse the scenario and identify the inputs and outputs to a process which decides the success of a business. Show this in the form of a truth table and logic diagram (30 marks).

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