Module 5 Using Tools for Improvement Discussion

Module 5: Using Tools for Improvement Discussion
Select a “metric that matters” from your microsystem assessment to benchmark in your workplace (CLABSI) prevention. Provide a description of the opportunity for improvement you selected. How is baseline data collected? How will you know the organization is meeting the desired goals for improvement?
In this discussion, explain how the PDSA Worksheet (Plan-Do-Study-Act = rapid-cycle testing) might help your team to assess whether a change leads to improvement using such a methodical learning process. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) Comment on how many PDSA cycles you envision. When do you stop the rapid cycle testing?
Your comments are to include an 7th Edition APA in-text citations and a Reference List. Source material is to be integrated into the comments. Comments are to use sources found from a literature review, not solely on textbooks for the course.