Topic will be a film called “Moonlight” —A superb film about a boy growing up poor with a drug-addicted mother and finding strength and love within the gay community.
Link to the movie:
This paper is based on your choice of an autobiography/memoir or relevant film that has been approved by the professor. Choices should be made and approved by Dr. Cookston. The purpose of this paper is for you to apply the autobiography or film to the relevant course material. For example, if you read a memoir of an abused child, you would write a paper that integrates that person’s experience with the empirical research literature on child abuse. Similarly, if you choose a film about a person on the autism spectrum disorder (such as “Rainman”), you might provide details on the accuracy of the depiction, the risk and protective factors related to the disorder, and the expected outcome for the character. You should not merely regurgitate the information from the memoir or film, but rather, use that person’s or character’s experience to integrate your knowledge of the relevant research literature. If relevant, you might want to consider addressing the following types of questions in your paper: What psychopathology (if any) was evident? Give specific examples (if relevant) of the symptoms of psychopathology (whether in the child or his/her parents). What risk factors were part of the person’s experience? What protective factors came into play? What therapeutic orientation was used, if therapy was conducted?

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