Movie report | Article writing homework help

For this movie report, we are watching the Lord of the Flies (1990).

The movie report must incorporate the following:

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  1. Plot summary: Write a brief half a page (0.5 page) summary of the plot of the movie.
  2. Analysis: Use the ideas of two political thinkers; one must be from this group – Thucydides, Machiavelli, Kautilya, and Hobbes and the other, from this group – Ashoka, Aquinas, Kant. For this section, analyze how your chosen thinkers from each group connect with the plot of the movie. Focus on the course themes to analyze the movie through your chosen philosophers. This section needs to be at least two (2) pages long.
  • Personal Reflection: Finally, this section is a half a page (0.5 page) reflection that needs to reflect your personal take on the movie. What does the movie reveal to you about human nature?
  • So, the total report should be at least 3 pages long (double spaced) excluding the reference page
  • You must cite your sources (especially readings of the philosophers). Failure to cite a source is an automatic zero.