Music/Society Modern World (W1)



Watch: The Evolution of American Protest Music (7 mins)
Read: Dunaway-music-politics-intro
( In the file below)
Optional: Listen: The Power of Music in Protest (2020, MPR radio)
Optional: Read: How to Figure Out a Song’s Meaning
Optional: Read: How to Analyze Lyrics and Write Better Ones

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Music listening/viewing:
Watch: Pete Seeger – If I Had A Hammer (1956) LEGENDADO
Watch: Harlem Gospel Choir – Amazing Grace (EXCLUSIVE)

Watch: “”Happy Days are Here Again!”” (Ben Selvin and the Crooners, 1930)

Watch: Johnny Paycheck – Take This Job And Shove It (Audio)

1)Discussion questions:
Respond Briefly to each of the following:
1. How do you define music? How do you define politics?
2. How do you define a social movement? What is social solidarity?
3. What role does music play in your life?
What might be other ways that music functions for individuals and social groups?
4. What social and/or political issue(s) is (are) most important to you right now? Why? Are there songs that relate to this? If so, name at least one.
5. What music do you listen to (i.e., songs, artists, genres)? Does it have political messages?  If so, do those messages relate to larger social movements?


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