Negotiate with Pat Armstrong on four key points to help form successful joint venture.

From: Thom Blaylock—Team Lee Member
Meeting Purpose: Negotiate with Pat Armstrong on four key points to help form
successful joint venture.
• Find Agreement with Armstrong on Staffing, Profit sharing, Decision-making and
Conflict Resolution in order to create a successful new company;
• Maintain family control of the new company;
• Maintain access to new company funds.
Attendees: TS Lee (son of An Lee and high ranking officer of Lee Medical) and
Pat Armstrong (middle manager and last minute fill in as representative of
• In 3-4 bullets, provide detail on key issues and additional information relevant
to this specific meeting.
• Ensure you describe the standing of each party member and any cultural
differences that might cause issues in the negotiation
• Should be the second item in the read-ahead package (limited to one (1) page).
• These points should be short, but clear statements of major issues or points to
be covered in the meeting. They should: 1) Avoid pleasantries or fillers; 2)
Focus on achieving the objectives of the meeting; and 3) Be crafted to ensure a flow to the conversation.
Your talking points memo is due one week prior to the Immersion. Please submit your memo through the Assignment link below. This is a SOLO assignment even though you’re in a group that’s reading the same readings.
Assignment directions:
Using the read-ahead template on Classes, write a talking points memo that will help your organization get what it wants out of the upcoming talks. Be sure to include talking points for your organization’s positions on how the joint venture will handle:
Conflict Management
Profit Sharing
Decision Making/Control