Network security plan

Case Study:
You are a consultant working with a dental office that has just merged with another dental practice. The original office housed three dentists, two dental assistants, and one receptionist in one location. With the merger, there are now five offices in different parts of the city, 15 dentists, 12 dental assistants, and five receptionists. Four of the dentists work in the offices but also are mobile in that they provide dental checkups to elderly patients in their homes or at the senior citizen centers, and to school children in the three inner-city elementary schools. The mobile dentists need to be able to send and receive patient records while they are out of the office. All the dentists and dental assistants must have real-time access to all patient records and daily schedules. The lead dentist has reminded you that they are required to meet HIPAA requirements for protecting patient information. You, as a telecommunications specialist, have been asked to design the telecommunications network to support this new multi-location practice. Others on the team will develop the applications and databases.

Create a network security plan that includes the following information:

About the Company
Objectives of the Plan
Physical Assets
Risks (Internal and External)
Action Items (purchasing, installing, configuring, etc.)
Policy Changes
User Education
Response Planning
Ongoing Maintenance and Compliance

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Define the requirements and then design an appropriate network that would support this dental practice. Your answer should:

Explain the benefits of the proposed network solution.
Identify the risks and risk mitigation strategies associated with the proposed network solution.


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