Nursing leadership

Nursing leaders work in a variety of positions: managers in hospitals, directors at various levels within clinical and non-clinical settings, executives
within healthcare organizations, etc. For this assignment, students will conduct an interview to explore the characteristics and functions of nursing
leaders. Students will then present their findings. The nursing leader must be an RN, have a BSN degree or higher, and be in a position of leadership.
The interview should be conducted formally using professional dress, tone, and manners. Interview questions should focus on leadership style,
development of the nursing leader, and current issues and trends facing nursing and healthcare at local, national, and global levels. Students will
learn from the interview experience, so take the time to complete this portion of the assignment with enthusiasm.
Ensure the individual being interviewed has enough responsibility to be able to respond to the following questions. You will use these headings to
organize and present your findings.
Describe your education, nursing background, and current and previous positions.
Leadership Style
Describe the leadership style you identify with and most commonly use in your practice.
How did you develop your leadership style?
How has your leadership style evolved with experience?
Future Planning
How are you working towards sustainability for your practice setting in developing new nursing leaders?
To what professional organizations do you belong?
How are professional organizations impactful in developing nursing leaders?
Current Issues and Trends
Describe current challenges you are facing in nursing and healthcare (today and in the past 2-5 years.)
How do these challenges impact your practice setting?
Describe the impact of these challenges at the local, national, and global levels

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