Nutritional needs

In 2000, Mars Inc., a $14 billion US giant in dog food, entered the Indian market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Effem India Pvt. Ltd. The company started its operations in India with its Pedigree dog food brand. Mars was not the only international player showing interest in this market. Nestlé Purina Petcare company, part of international food giant Nestlé, also entered the Indian pet products market with its Purina brand in 2003.
Questions for Discussion:
1. “One pet owner proclaimed, ‘Our pets are our kids.’” Assess the changes in the Indian society that has resulted in the growth of pet services in India?
2. “Indian pet owners have traditionally fed pets with home-cooked food. But the trend is rapidly changing in favor of branded pet foods, because these provide balanced diet and pets do have specialized nutritional needs.” How did the belief systems prevalent in the Indian families influence the dietary patterns of the pets?