o What is the morbidity and mortality of the disease?

Assignment Description 2: Multi-System Disorders Respiratory Failure
Pathophysiologic conditions that impact multiple systems are common place within the health care field. Advancing, and increasingly technologic interventions help patients survive illnesses that would have killed them not too long ago. Because healthcare interventions are improved, many patients are living longer and thus, have a greater opportunity to develop multi-system disorders.

In this assignment, students will develop a mind-map that examines the development of a multi-system disorder. Explore and explain the development of the disorder, the systems impacted, and current interventions for the disorder (Respiratory Failure).

The rubric calls for “discussion/demonstration/explanation” in several areas.

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Tips for creating a successful multisystem disorder
• Review the assignment rubric as this will assist you in developing your Popplet
• The Paper should reflect the complexities of the disease and the interrelationship between the body systems that the disease reflects

• Ask yourself these questions (or similar ones) All should be addressed in the paper
o How is the disease described?
o What is the morbidity and mortality of the disease?
o How does the disease present or manifest in patients?
o What systems are impacted by the disease?
o How are these systems impacted from a pathophysiologic standpoint?
o How does the disease progress?
o What are the best evidence based interventions for this disorder?

APA 6 pages format with 3 References no older than 5 years