Odyssey the Inferno or the Sunjata excerpts interpretation essay

This is a paper that is focusing on the Odyssey the Inferno or the Sunjata excerpts interpretation essay. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Odyssey the Inferno or the Sunjata excerpts interpretation essay

Interpret and explicate excerpts from one of the following texts to answer this question: The Odyssey, the Inferno, or the Sunjata. Remember, you only need to use excerpts from one text, and you are NOT to read or interpret a whole work. What insights into the cultures and peoples of the ancient world can literature provide?

Also, while your interpretation will contain some description of the story’s plot and characters, your central task is to provide interpretations of important scenes, characters, symbols, and metaphors as evidence to support and explicate your thesis. Assume your readers have casually read the work and already understand its plot. As such, you only need to remind them of plot events rather than provide in-depth summaries. Keep in mind that some direct quotes are expectation and requirement, but keep them brief and in a supporting role.

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Finally, don’t forget that you are writing for a formal and academic audience, so adopt an appropriate style.

Your essay grading will be on the following: An ability to answer the assigned question with depth that without depending heavily on idle plot summary. An ability to “unpack and explain” the deeper meanings of particular scenes, chapters, characters, and/or situations. You are  to examine and interpret at least three (3) scenes, symbols and/or metaphors.

An ability to create a paper following MLA formatting guidelines. An ability to write in an academic style that is clear, precise, mechanically correct, and sophisticated. Also, an ability to make connections between the text and culture and/or historical era in which it was written. An ability to support your interpretations with evidence from the text in a balanced and effective manner.


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