Organization Cardinal Health Recent Annual Reporthttps//

Organization: Cardinal Health
Recent Annual Report:
Task I: Understanding financial statements in detail.
Your answers for the following questions should be drawn from the annual report and/or additional academic research.
1) What are the principal activities of the company?
2) What is the purpose of the auditor’s report?
3) What opinion did the auditor give the financial statements (cite the exact page where the opinion was given)
4) What does the above opinion mean?
5) Explain one additional type of opinion the auditor could have given the financial statements.
Word limit: 300 words.
Task II: Understanding financial statements’ items
Explain what each of the four financial reports (i.e. the Income statement, the Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash flows and Statement of changes in Equity) are for and what does it tell us about the company.
Select three (3) items from each financial report you think are the key information, explain the nature of each item and discuss how it contributes to the performance of the company.
Word limit: 1000 words maximum for this section.