Organizational Behavior

Produce a reflective assignment to explore and apply the knowledge from two or more concepts from different
topics, such as learning or personality.
What you need to do
Theoretical knowledge
Demonstrate your theoretical knowledge of the underpinning theory of two plus concepts from different OB
topics in this module
Apply your learning
Show what you have learned through applying your learning (from the two plus concepts identified above) to
work and/or home and/or university.
How to do this
1. Theoretical knowledge
Identify two plus concepts from the OB topics. Research the theoretical/practical underpinning theory
(strengths and weaknesses) of the concepts/conceptual framework. Demonstrate your theoretical knowledge
of the underpinning theory (i.e. strengths and weaknesses) of the concepts. For example, you could select
Learning Styles, the conceptual framework developed by Honey and Mumford (1982) and/or the Hierarchy of
Needs created by Maslow (1962) could be utilised.
2. Apply your learning
Show your learning through applying this to work and/or home and/or university. Example 1: if you chose
Belbin’s (1976) Self Perception Inventory as one your chosen concepts to explore you will have identified your
preferred team role(s). What did you learn from this? Can you explore this in more detail e.g. by asking others
view of you or asking a team in which you are a member to complete the inventory and analyse the
responses? Or you could identify some development points, put them into practice and reflect on what

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