Overview Even though we just did a tragedy with Antigone and are moving to a s

Overview: Even though we just did a tragedy with Antigone and are moving to a straight comedy with Lysistrata – pay attention to grey areas and interpretation and perspective – one person’s torture could be another person’s desire. Also remember the Chorus of Men and Chorus of Women as “characters” with their own agendas.
Directions: Watch Art of Seduction by Robert Greene Book Summary Animation Link (Links to an external site.)
and take notes for possible exam question. Make a balanced dialogue on how torture and seduction are similar or different – but connected: (10 points). I will start you off with two ways…
Torture Seduction
1) can have physical suffering 1) emo. and physical suffering
2) nightmare – make it stop 2) fantasy – a dream that you want to happen enticement
Find and list at least 5 more (list my #s 1 and 2) then keep building 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, things that they are similar in or connected in some way.
Think about Lysistrata and Candide and how seduction and torture are within both (types of “war” if you will) and that it often is connected with perception. Also, I included a trailer for Chi-Raq, Link (Links to an external site.) Spike Lee’s 2015 interpretation of Lysistrata and his connection to gun violence in Chicago and the Iraq war. If you want to watch that (Amazon prime for free) there will be a test option on that as well.