Person hitting a dataset key on the keyboard.In this module, you will design a RAPTOR program that allows the user to input some simple payroll information for an

employee, perform some basic calculations on that data, and then output the results.

Design and write a simple program (no loops, no decision making) that will ask you to input some data, and then when done, display it all.
This will require you to declare some variables, such as firstname, lastname, payrate, hoursworked, and so on.
Your program must provide a message output to the user to prompt them to enter the desired data; and when the program has entered the last line of data, it will then

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output all of the data, from the first item to the last.
Note that a simple program in the Chapter 1 Presentation in the Readings & Resources page shows you how to do this in pseudocode, so going from that demonstration to a

RAPTOR program should be pretty straightforward.

Think about how you might add functionality to this program! You can create as many variables as you wish and then prompt the user for data, input it, and then make

sure to output it! Be sure to stay within the spirit of this assignment. While it makes sense to have Medicare, Social Security, and Income Tax withholding taken out

of the paycheck, it probably doesn’t make sense to ask for the employee’s weekly grocery budget or whether he wants that with fries on the side.