Peer Review essay

Peer Review essay
Specialty does not come by birth or on a single day. Having a dream and a plan is all what takes one to that specialty that they have always wished to attain. The desire to attain the certification as a Certified Emergency Nurse is real having some practice in it for two years and despite the bad stories from friends and co-workers, the desire should not die for everybody is unique in their own way depending on their reason to pursue the specialty. However, Certified Emergency Nurse specialty got some challenges include cost, the course content within a short time and the fear of failure (Harrison, 2014).

The presence of challenges doesn’t mean that one should not go for the specialty in CEN. There are still provisions for success. For instance the No Pass, No Pay by the Pediatric Nursing Certification allows for applicants to register for the exam without upfront costs. Majority of nurses have done it with confidence and succeeded in the exam therefore it is achievable with determination, otherwise there is considerably nothing good in life that comes without determination. The benefits of becoming certified are worth every hard tussle in the process and your love for healthcare and the demand for the many management position which require a BSN should just steer your love the more (Harrison, 2014).


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