Persuasion and intercultural communication


Since we have been talking about persuasion and intercultural communication this week, I want you to give some thoughts on this. Have you seen persuasive messages like ads, health campaigns, or persuasive campaigns from another culture/social group? Have you had friends or roommates who were ineffective at persuasion due to cultural or group differences? Have you seen news articles, movies, or TV shows that included examples of persuasive messages that you thought would or wouldn’t work due to cultural or group differences?

Your post of this week should accomplish three things. First, your post should describe the persuasive message itself: the surrounding context, the message strategies, the source, and the intended audience (you don’t need to provide any definitions in the forum). Second, your post should reflect on the underlying differences between you and these cultural or social groups. If the message is targeting people from another culture rather than it’s original culture, you can also describe the differences between those two. Third, you should then propose alternative message strategies or an ideal message sender with specific desirable source qualities that would enhance the persuasive effectiveness of the message. Comparing to the original message, why would your message work more effectively considering the cultural contexts?

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