Persuasive Essay Paper How Interpersonal Communication Skills Affects Relationships

Persuasive Essay Paper: How Interpersonal Communication Skills Affects Relationships (20 points)
To summarize the skills of this course, make an argument defending how interpersonal communication skills affects relationships.
This is a research and skills application essay.
–Research is expected with at least two (2) references to support claims, not including the textbooks of our course. Do not quote material from your sources, but instead explain your findings in your own words and be sure to note where sources are used within the text. (5 points/supportive reference = 10 points)
–Be sure to apply at least two (significantly*) different skills/concepts of this course to support building an effective relationship using a specific example demonstrating how to apply/use each concept. (5 points: 2points/concept explanation + 3 points for concept application = 10 points)
*Limitation Note:
Only one of the following techniques may be used, if any of the three are chosen: perception checking or I language or assertiveness.
There are plenty of course concepts to include so these are not required. If used, note the limitation since these are essentially the same concept with slight variations.