Pick a Topic that involves both media and justice.

Pick a Topic that involves both media and justice.
Requirements: 8 pages exactly [not including the works cited, title, abstract page, graphs, charts, etc], double spaced, 12 Font, active voice, subheadings [no more than 3 max in the body of the paper], no contractions [use “do not” and not “don’t”], 1 inch margins all sides, and APA citation style. Use .doc or .docx format only. Also a Bibliography Grading breakdown of FRP:
10%- interesting introduction, title and accurate abstract. Do not exceed a 3/4-page introduction. Thesis statement located at the end of the introduction paragraph and signaled with, “In this paper, I argue/contend/describe/etc ….”.
30%-thesis statement and body reflect each other well. Frequent and proper citations of relevant academic research. Shows relevance to course materials with a citation of the class materials. Academic sources are paraphrased and not quoted in APA.
30%- bibliography has 10 academic sources [not including the class sources], which are on-target, current and used well in the paper. Web search each source to make sure it is peer-reviewed.
10%- conclusion summarizes the main points of the paper and also gives suggestions for future research or policy/social movement recommendations. Do not exceed a 3/4-page conclusion. Signal the conclusion with “In conclusion,….” or something similar. 10%- current APA citation style is used well throughout the paper.
10%- grammar, active voice, spelling, paragraph structure, punctuation, format, etc.
100% of 80/100 points