Planning and Organization


In embracing the Sebago Plan Model, the learner will craft, share, and discuss self-selected measurable unit learning objectives for the planning and organization phase of the needs assessment plan. In supporting the College core value integrity, the learner will identify self-assessment measures that will be utilized to insure each objective is achieved.
Describe the organization, or alternative environment, which will serve as the focus for this course, as follows:
1. Discuss the mission, vision, and cultural values of the organization as they relate to the needs assessment plan.
2. Review the existing degree of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) surrounding a particular issue or topical area, as identified in the initial analysis of the situation.
3. Articulate clear focal point(s), for the consideration and purpose of developing a needs assessment plan for your organization, i.e., identify the specific purpose for the needs assessment, based on a particular issue or topical area.
4. Develop research questions based on the purpose of the needs assessment plan.

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