Plea bargaining. Why is it used by our Court system? What are its benefits and potential problems? How does it affect probation, prison growth and parole?

Plea bargaining. Why is it used by our Court system? What are its benefits and potential problems? How does it affect probation, prison growth and parole?
What are the benefits of probation and parole and how do they affect the justice system, prison growth and help the individual? How are states and the federal government dealing with prison growth demands? What can be done about the issue? How does plea bargaining, probation and parole affect prison growth?
The assignment is meant give you an opportunity to perform formal research and learn about each of the programs, how they affect each other and how they affect the prison population. This 1,000 to 1,200 words paper (approximately 5 to 6 pages not including the cover page and bibliography), Times New Roman 12-font, double spaced and by using APA formatting. Follow this link, which will assist you in writing your paper with APA formatting: (Links to an external site.)
The paper must include a cover page and bibliography with at least 5 references beyond your class text. All direct quotations must be within quotation marks and cited in your bibliography. Un-cited material is considered plagiarism and will result in an “F” for the course. No more than 15% of your paper can be quoted or previously drafted material. This has been a problem for some students who choose to copy and paste their work from their sources. Your work should be supported by your references, not the other way around. The goal of the assignment is to obtain information about what you learned about the topics. This assessment cannot be accomplished if you do not share your own thoughts. Refer to the following link for proper APA citations and guidelines: (Links to an external site.)
Keep in mind that all information must have reliable, substantiated and factual with supporting sources. You must avoid citing blogs, forums, news articles, encyclopedias or your own opinion without scholarly documentation and supporting documents. If you were not born with the knowledge of the information, then you must cite your source. You must use primary sources, which are described as materials and/or documents produced through literary research, historical data, studies, direct evidence and factually proven information. Sources can include National Criminal Justice, Officer of Criminal Justice Center, Bureau of Justice Assistance or University Studies regarding your chosen topic. No late work will be accepted for this assignment. Failure to submit your paper before the due date, will result in an automatic zero. MID-TERM PAPER GRADING CRITERIA
Grammar and Spelling: You will be expected to use proper use of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Don’t use slang language. This is a formal research paper and must be written as such.
Style and Coherence:
Sentences must be complete in thought and concise to eliminate unnecessary words or phrases. Transitions should be used throughout the paper as all the topics are related and affect the justice system. The paper must be written formally, using proper tone, appropriate language and supportive of your thesis.
You will be expected to have clear structure to the paper. Your topics are important components of the criminal justice system. The theme of your paper will be important and written for the appropriate audience. Ideas should flow logically and support your theme/thesis. The paper must include an abstract, introduction, body and a logical conclusion supporting your research on all three of your topics. 25
Your ideas, materials, researched information must be presented orderly. Following general format requirements (Margins, header, footer, font size, general amount of work). Use of headings, italics, and other aids (e.g., appendices, tables of contents, when appropriate) to improve the flow of the paper. You must use proper citations and references to resources, following APA format.
100 points
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