Portfolio assignment – 4 Pillars of Nursing

Professional Portfolio Development-CA4S073

Welcome to the Professional Portfolio Development module. This has been developed in conjunction with one of our partner health boards to meet the requirements of advanced practice. However, it can also meet the professional revalidation agenda.

Hopefully the knowledge and skills you acquire will assist you in your life long professional careers.

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Not all aspects of the portfolio template will be required for academic submission but you will hopefully find them useful to organise your professional careers.

A portfolio of selected professional evidence combined with 4,500 words of critically reflective academic writing based on the Four Pillars of Advanced Practice (NLIAH, 2010)

Utilising the four pillars of advanced practice as a framework, the student will provide contemporary evidence that supports the premise that they are working at an advanced practice level by critically analysing the evidence using appropriate reflective models and theories from the appropriate domains of practice.
Each pillar should have evidence that the candidate will analyse in a critically reflective manner.

There should be 5 critically reflective chapters (one per pillar of 750 words not including the evidence or the description of the evidence/event) and an overarching 1500 word document that discusses and analyses the evidence provided and evaluates it against the NLIAH self assessment tool.

Assignment Plan
4 pillars of Nursing – Clinical, Research, Education, Leadership & Management

Covid 19 vaccination – setting up a clinic within a short period of time to organise vaccination of the GP Practice population according to current government guidelines.

Arranging staff training for new vaccinators, health care assistants and physiotherapist.

Liasing with admin staff to organise appointments for patients.
Leading and managing the team.

Research of Covid 19 and the Astra Zeneca vaccine compared to the Pfizer vaccine.

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