Prepare a 10 – 15 minutes PowerPoint presentation to be presented/discussed in the classroom.

Research proposal
Dr. Velis

Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez

Course Code: NURS 503

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Course Title: Nursing Research Project: From Proposal to Publication

Instructor: Dr. E. Velis.

Email: [email protected]

Individual Assignment

Article Review/Critique

(10 % of the final grade)

Instructions and Grading Scale:

• Select a recent (no older than 2 years) published article in a Nursing Journal similar/related to your

topic of interest (Research Proposal)

• A summary from the article review will be presented/discussed in class.


Prepare a 10 – 15 minutes PowerPoint presentation to be presented/discussed in the classroom.

1. Identify the study design. (10 points)

2. Extract the research questions and hypotheses. (20 points)

3. Report and classify the variables selected in the study as:

a. Independent/Predictor/Explanatory Variables. (15 points)

b. Dependent/Outcome/Response Variables. (15 points)

4. Comment about sample size and sampling methods. (10 points)

5. Reveal the Instruments/Surveys the researchers used (if any). (5 points)

6. Summarize the Results/Findings in a few sentences (1 or 2 slides). (10 points)

7. Discuss the relevance and application in the nursing field. (10 points)

8. Report the journal article using the APA format. (5 points)

9. Attach the selected/reviewed article to your submission.

Students will be selected at random to present the journal article review in the classroom. Articles must be

recently published (< 2 years).

Note: All documents should be prepared and submitted to Blackboard using the APA format.

Submission subsequent to the due date will result in a reduction of 10 full points (out of 100) for each day


Evaluation Method: Content 70% and Language 30%

Due date: See Blackboard.