PRESENTATION TASK  You are to act as a Human Resource Development expert, proposing a suitable learning and development intervention to a management board. This will take the form of a verbal boardroom briefing. Although there may be several others in the meeting with you, you are to present yo

You are to act as a Human Resource Development expert, proposing a suitable learning and development intervention to a management board. This will take the form of a verbal boardroom briefing. Although there may be several others in the meeting with you, you are to present your unique proposed solution as an individual and you will be marked on an individual basis.
You will play the role of the Managing Director of a small Leadership and Human Resource Management Training and Consultancy company, called Progress Training Ltd. You have expressed an interest in supplying training and development services to a company in the hospitality industry, having responded to a tender on a procurement website.
Task One
 You must now submit a verbal business proposal to deliver a Leadership and Human Resource Development programme for this client. Your proposal should include all the essential information, research and evidence as requested in the Client Brief below, and should be supported by underpinning theory/evidence. You should also be prepared to answer client questions as required. (90 Marks)
Task Two 
Your business proposal should be around 5 minutes in length and offer a concise, but detailed, clear explanation of how you intend to deliver the learning and development intervention for your client.
The standard of the presentation should be extremely high as this is a bid to secure business from a paying client. Therefore, you will be judged on the clarity and precision of explanation, your body language, professional dress, and credibility and confidence in delivery. (10 Marks) Notes:
The briefing should demonstrate your own original thinking and your own original delivery plan, with data, quotes, and other evidence used, where appropriate, to evidence and support your own, original debate. You are required to use the briefing format stated in the client brief below.
You must not read verbatim from a script. You may have a small card listing brief notes/reminders with you at the meeting, but must be able to brief the client with confidence, maintaining good eye contact throughout.
Client Brief 
Matador Holdings Ltd has 175 employees, was formed in 1996 and operates across three sites in the Manchester area. These have enjoyed considerable success in providing organised hospitality events across the UK in competition against other, less prestigious and smaller operators in the same market. This has been due to enjoying a market position above their direct competitors, in terms of their size, quality, consistency and service.
The reputation of the company has in large part enabled them to maintain a competitive edge against smaller, more flexible, adaptable and lower cost (and often lower value) competitors. Staff training centred on maintaining awareness has been at the heart of this success, but the organisation now wishes to maintain and increase their competitive advantage, by ensuing their managerial staff are at the forefront of recent developments in L&D.
Having had some staff turnover in recent months, the company is now trying to consolidate their operation and see L&D as providing a reason for staff to stay with them long term. They are willing to invest in training & development for their new and established staff at different levels, and have advertised for an HRD consulting business partner to support them in achieving their aims.
It is anticipated staff will need development in the following departments: 
Hospitality Organiser & Activity Hosts
Customer Service Assistants (based in all their 3 outlets)
Sales and Marketing
Accounting & Finance Human Resources
Transport & Logistics
Facilities Management.
The changes in staff has placed extraordinary pressure on existing management teams and has required the employment of additional management staff. There is now a pressing need to train and develop this varied group of managers to make more effective use of their people so they in turn can deliver outstanding service to their existing clients, and potentially new customers. In order to achieve this, their people must be capable, effective, motivated and happy to be a member of the team. This means that Leadership and Management Development has become a key enabler.
They require you to provide a proposal for delivering a Leadership and Management Development programme to their management team, starting in June 2021, and finishing by January 2022 latest. The following staff will take part in the programme:

12 Senior Managers
• 11 Department Managers
 • 19 Assistant Department Managers.
Additional detail is provided below, from the client.
Our senior managers need detailed insight into Leadership and Human Resource mechanisms/tools/approaches that will allow us to build a capable and resilient workforce in the coming years. They are particularly interested in developing effective HR management systems and learning about alternative reward systems that are likely to result in high levels of employee retention, improved delivery and customer service, and improved staff loyalty.
Our managers and assistant managers require extensive training and development in the basics of operational leadership and management, including resolving conflicts and disputes in the workplace, basic employment law, and day to day management of employment relationships. They also need to have a good understanding of motivational techniques, and team building/team management.
Our budget for this programme is in the region of £36,000.
 If you would like to bid for this contract, we require a 5 minute verbal proposal from you in the following format:
• Overview of your programme, its methodology/approach, with appropriate evidence/theoretical underpinning included.
 • Scheme of work giving an indication of the delivery of the project against a timeline. You should hand to the client a graphic example of your scheme of work at the beginning of the session (no more than two sides of A4).
A brief summary of the itemised costing of the programme.
• An explanation of how the effectiveness of the programme might be measured using appropriate theory where relevant.
In order for you to prepare your bid in detail,
I will make myself available for a 2 hour interview at a date to be mutually agreed, so that you might question me in detail on our specific requirements.
 I look forward to hearing from you in due course.
Yours sincerely,
 James Salford-Rees Managing Director Matador Holdings Ltd.
Task one assessment criteria: 
• Understand and evaluate the role that learning and development plays in an organization’s HR strategy.
• Integrate L&D into the operational and policy elements of a business.
• How a variety of approaches and methods can be integrated to provide a bespoke solution to this business challenge.
Points to consider 
• Time Scale
 • Entry level of learners and desired effect on the organisation.
• Resources and methods
 • Formal/Informal approaches
Task two assessment criteria:
 • Correct use of academic skills
• High standards of presentation and narrative grammar
• Credible, professional appearance and delivery of the proposition
Points to consider 
• Use of effective and accurate verbal references
• Use of professional terminology
• Seamless flow of proposition

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