Preventing osteoporosis



DQ 2. Identify a drug that a woman may be prescribed to treat and or prevent osteoporosis and discuss how
the nurse could determine the effectiveness of the drug identified and any additional nursing considerations.
(OR) Identify a drug that a man is prescribed to treat his erectile dysfunction and discuss the advice the nurse
should give to the patient regarding the possible adverse effects of the drug. (Students with last name
beginning with N – Z).
book: Karch, A. M. (2017). Focus on nursing pharmacology. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.
DQ 2. After reading your assigned chapters, please discuss the Peer Assistance program for substance abuse
that the Florida Board of Nursing may mandate admission for a nurse with a substance abuse problem; and,
explain how you could assist a colleague, whom you suspect may be abusing drugs, to receive help from this
assistance substance abuse program. (Students with last name beginning with N – Z).
Guido, G. W. (2014). Legal and ethical issues in nursing. (6th ed.). Pearson.

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