Procedure Coding

Procedure codes are a very important part of medical billing. They are used to describe the level of service provided to the patient. The level of service must agree with the diagnostic code that was discussed in the prior videos. Payers link the two together to determine if they agree before proceeding with payment decisions. A lack of connection between the diagnostic code and the procedure code will result in a denial of payment or a slowdown in payment. Both are bad for a practices cashflow. Watch this video before completing your discussion.


Procedure codes are found in the “Current Procedural Terminology” [CPT] manual publish annually by the American Medical Association.

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Apply basic procedure coding methods.

Include the following aspects in the discussion:

List 3 important topics you learned about the methods of Procedure Coding.

Find a secondary source that discusses this topic and share with peer

Discuss how you will address a denial of payment due to improper diagnostic and procedure coding


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