Process of retrenchment / dismissal under Omani Labour Law




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COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on jobs around the world. Almost every country has experienced an economic downturn, and as businesses struggle to steady the ship and stay afloat, many employers have been doing their best to retain their employees where ever possible. Unfortunately, for employers in many industries, COVID-19 has negatively affected their revenues significantly, and resizing has become the only solution to keep the businesses going and the same is witnessed. As a result, there has been many retrenchments across the industries. However, retrenchments can be tricky. Over the years many employers make mistakes that result in unfair dismissal claims has financial implications and sometimes very big court awards to be paid to former employees


Assignment guidelines
Students are expected to analyse the scenario to qualify this assessment. The scenario will be provided to the students 4 weeks before the last day of submission. Students are expected to complete following tasks:

Students are expected to analyze and evaluate the given scenario and prepare a report that address the following tasks.
A. Using your conceptual knowledge, discuss the process of retrenchment / dismissal under Omani Labour Law RD 35/2005 and Job Security Systems Law RD 82/2020.
B. You are required to write a report that provids the vital information on retrenchment and rights of employers pertaining to retrenchment under Omani Labour Law. Students are also required to discuss the Job Security Law in light with Article 40 of Omani Labour Law.


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