Professional & Ethical Behavior


You are the assistant principal of ESE Middle School at the heart of ESEville. You have been an assistant
principal at the school for 5 years, with much success. You are ready to become a principal.You’ve been
hearing rumors for a number of years that the Crisis Intervention Teacher has had inappropriate behavior with
teachers, students and staff. On a few occasions, a number of teachers have come to you about sexually
suggestive comments made to teachers, and you have reported them to the principal. She has never acted on
these concerns. Other complaints have been brought to your desk about his manhandling/ abuse of students.
You’ve gathered statements and approached the principal. Yet, she does nothing. You don’t understand her
reluctance to remove this individual from student contact. This year, a technology position opens at the school.
You know he (CIT)is perfect for the job and it would limit his access to students and staff. You suggest to the
principal this is a way to address a potentially embarrassing situation. She presses you why you continue with
your accusations, and you explain that she’s lost a number of outstanding staff to other schools because she
refuses to move him (thus eliminating his abusive behavior).What will you do? How would you handle this
situation? How could you handle this situation? What strategies might you use to influence the Principal into
making the decision you know is best for the students?


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