Project management – chapter 6

Written Assignment: Case Study 6.1 Q 1,2,3 (Columbus Instruments-page 215)

1. What are the implications of CIC’s approach to staffing project teams? Is the team using them as training grounds for talented fast-trackers or dumping grounds for poor performers?

2. How would you advise the CEO to correct the problem? Where would you start?

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3. Discuss how issues of organizational structure and power play a role in the manner in which project management has declined in effectiveness at CIC. 

Case Study 6.2 Q 1,2,4 (The Bean-Counter and the Cowboy-page 216)

1. Was the argument today between Neil and Susan the true conflict or a symptom? What evidence do you have to suggest it is merely a symptom of a larger problem?

2. Explain how differentiation plays a large role in the problems that exist between Susan and Neil.

4. Which conflict resolution is warranted in this case?  Why? How might some of the other resolution approaches be inadequate in this situation?