The protestant spirit boom in the American case sees massive numbers of church goer’s attend different religious congregations. The meeting halls are occupied to the last seat and the services conducted with a superior touch of excellence.  Over 1100 are born in Indianapolis. The churches belonging to the protestant faith attract huge numbers of followers from one church to the other. This is indeed a positive trend towards the spirit of Protestantism.  The multiplicity of the protestant churches, use of hi graded technology and the incredibly elevated level of television professionalism is a prime indicator that the gospel at this particular destination is rapidly evolving from the gospel of good news to the gospel of fat wallets. Stage managed congregational meetings make sure that every seat in the hall is occupied and that every member of such a congregation shows maximum attention and contention of what the so called “men of God” share with the audience.

We gradually, get to comprehend the explicit truth about the United States church-going boom. It is not a spiritual condition. On the contrary, this is an entrepreneurial venture that exposes how lethal and greedy the current American society has turned up to become. Religion in America is not in a state of lethargy, in fact it is in the state of entrepreneurship. This means that not all protestant churches have embraced the Good News gospel as a way of interpreting God’s will to humanity.  Some of these celebrated protestant churches with huge influence are actually business corporations hid within the Christian faith. This video is an exclusive expose of how Protestantism has rapidly grown from the spiritual warfare to an economic opportunity.


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