Recently Santa Fe, New Mexico, was named one of the safest places to live in the United States.

Recently Santa Fe, New Mexico, was named one of the safest places to live in the United States. Since then housing development projects have been springing up all around Santa Fe. Six housing development projects are currently dominating the local market—Pinon Pine, Rancho Hondo, Creek Side, Vista Del Monte, Forest View, and Santa Fe South. These six projects each started with 100 homes, have sold all of them, and are currently developing phase two.
As one of the three partners and real estate agents of Affordable Homes Real Estate, it is your responsibility to analyze the information concerning the past 600 home sales and choose which development project to focus on for selling homes in phase two. Because your real estate firm is so small, you and your partners have decided that the firm should focus on selling homes in only one of the development projects.
From the New Mexico Real Estate Association you have obtained a spreadsheet file (AYK15_Data_Version_1-1.xlsx download) that contains information concerning each of the sales for the first 600 homes (You can refer to Tech Plugin 3 for information on how to use Excel.). It contains the following fields:
Table 1 AYK 15.jpg It is your responsibility to analyze the sales list and make a recommendation that details which housing development project your real estate firm should focus on. Your analysis should be from as many angles as possible.
You do not know how many other real estate firms will also be competing for sales in each of the housing development projects.
Phase two for each housing development project will develop homes similar in style, price, and square footage to their respective first phases.
As you consider the information provided to you, think in terms of what information is important and what information is not important. Be prepared to justify how you went about your analysis.
Upon completing your analysis, please provide concise, yet detailed and thorough, documentation (in narrative, numeric, and graphic forms) that justifies your possible.
You can add columns, as needed, to the ‘Housing Sales’ tab to develop your recommendation.
Place all developed tables (Pivot or otherwise) in the ‘Table Development’ Tab.
Place your recommendation on the ‘recommendation’ tab regarding which development should be developed first in the second phase and provide an explanation.
Turn In: A spreadsheet in excel format that includes all analysis tables and recommendation.
The following numbers have been assigned to each of the housing development projects:
Table 12 AYK 15.jpg