Research Paper on Ira Aldridge and Theatre

The research paper is about Ira Aldridge, “the first black man to play Othello”.
The paper must be about theatre. Although film and television are related to theatre, those subjects are best
saved for a film or television class.
Be sure your idea is about theatre. One student submitted a paper about Star Wars. I, of course, did not accept
the paper and the student had to write a new paper the day before the class ended! Don’t let that happen to
you—if you are unsure about the appropriateness of your topic, write me!
Research is the quest for knowledge. It is generally based on a question: What was August Wilson’s impact on
the American theatre? How did Bunraku puppetry develop in Japan? What are some controversial plays and
why are they controversial? A research paper is not an argument paper, but it still must have a thesis, a focus.
The focus is generally the significance of your research: Marlon Brando changed acting forever, Kabuki united
different social classes in Japan, etc.
Research is one of the most important skills you take with you into the 21st century, whether you continue on in
school or begin your professional life. We live in the information age so finding, evaluating, and communicating
information is crucial. If you attended high school in the U.S., particularly in NY State over the past few years,
you were probably exposed to the “common core,” which posits the idea that arguing and proving some sort of
claim is the highest endeavor of formal education. Wrong! It is absolutely important to know how to write a
thesis statement and to support it with evidence; your research paper has a “point” to make.

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