Rhetorical analysis essay (this assignment have a deadline for 430

Using the rhetorical concepts and terms discussed in class, you will perform an extended rhetorical analysis of two public service announcements. (You can choose from any of the campaigns on the AdCouncil Website (Links to an external site.).) Both PSAs should be focused on the same campaign, but they need to be two different modes. For example, you could analyze and compare a print advertisement to a video. You will examine your PSAs and think about why and how each mode is used to achieve a rhetorical end for a specific audience in a specific context. Based on your understanding, you will develop a 3-4 page essay in which you analyze how the mode shapes the rhetorical composition of each composition.

When composing your essay, you should first summarize and analyze each composition. Then, you should draw comparisons and make interpretations between the two. Think about the following questions to make these comparisons: What does looking at the two compositions side by side help you to see about your topic? What are the affordances and constraints for each mode? Why might a composer choose one mode and not the other? Which do you think is the most rhetorically effective and why? In other words, your essay should do more than just summarize or describe the two compositions; rather, you should aim for thoughtful, critical analysis.

This process asks you to:

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  • Describe and analyze two PSAs using the basic concepts of rhetorical analysis.
  • Develop an argument about how the PSAs are designed to work rhetorically, on whom, and to what end.
  • Provide specific evidence from the texts to support all claims about rhetorical strategies employed.
  • Organize analysis logically; provide an interesting introduction, and a “so what?” conclusion.
  • Deliver the product as a polished, conventionally formatted critical essay.

Use the Sample Preview the documentExtended Rhetorical Analysis OutlinePreview the document, the Sample Summary and Analysis Paragraph,Preview the document and the Sample Affordances/Constraints ParagraphPreview the document to brainstorm and outline your ideas for your essay. 

The final 3-4 page essay, formatted according to APA style, will have an engaging introduction, a clear argument (not summary) about how the PSAs work rhetorically, multiple supporting claims, detailed evidence from the texts, and a thoughtful conclusion that leaves the audience thinking about the broader implications of the issues raised.

Your assignment needs to be submitted on time. There will be a 5-point penalty applied for each day the assignment is late. Assignments submitted a week after the deadline will not be accepted. For more about  the assignment submission policy in First-Year Writing, please consult the course syllabus. 

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