Safety and Protection in the Workplace.

SPW103 Safety and Protectino in the Workplace


Short Answer Case Study

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Fei Hong is a 60-year-old Chinese grandmother who speaks little English. She has moved to Australia to help her daughter with her 3-year-old twins. Fei has started to show signs of early dementia and also has a hearing and sight impairment. While trying to help cook dinner for the family, Fei lost her footing and had a fall. She hit her head on the tiles and is found by her daughter unconscious but still breathing.


Question 1: Given Fei’s daughter has found her unconscious on the floor, discuss the first aid management in this scenario.


Question 2: Fei has arrived at the hospital and the scan shows a bleed in the brain. On return from the scan, Fei becomes unconscious again, this time she has also stopped breathing. Explain the process of the DRSABCD action plan?


Question 3: During the resuscitation, your manager on shift was at a meeting and is unaware of what happened. Are you required to inform them of what has occurred during this time? Explain your answer.


Question 4: This is your first time being involved in a medical emergency and you are feeling quite overwhelmed. Complete the stress management plan in relation to this scenario. v See completed stress management plan


Question 5: While caring for Fei, you need to transfer her from her back to her side. Discuss what

steps you would need to take in order to complete this nursing task [Hint: Consider mobility assessment and nursing skills involved].


Question 6: You are unable to find the equipment required to assist Fei. Discuss the process that needs to be taken and what you as an Enrolled Nurse should consider.




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