Second, the context of the problem is up to you. It could be your current work environment or a past one. If you have not yet been in a formal work environment, then consider a team or a nonprofit organization you have been involved with.

The task of this essay is to provide a solution to a problem in your workplace, either your immediate work/office entironment or at the higher levels.
First, this is to be an opinion-based essay, not a research paper. Certainly some problems lend themselves to research, but you will not have time to write a proper research paper, nor are you expected to. Can you do research? Yes. Should you do some research? Perhaps. Unless you are already very familiar with the topic, a minimum amount of research may be necessary to avoid proposing a solution based on a naive or faulty understanding of the problem. Your proposal will not be received if the target audience thinks you don’t even understand the problem.
Second, the context of the problem is up to you. It could be your current work environment or a past one. If you have not yet been in a formal work environment, then consider a team or a non- profit organization you have been involved with.
Third, do not underestimate your own ability to propose specific, workable solutions to workplace problems. Set aside some time to think about the problem. Raise the issue with others to get some input and different perspectives. Think through this input received from others and from your reading. Then brainstorm, plan, draft, etc.
Audience: You are writing to the specific individual (or body) who has the authority to approve and implement your proposed solution. Consider carefully the implications of this stipulation. For example, if the topic is drunk driving among personnel in your unit, it is indeed quite possible to write a good proposal—in fact, one so effective that a buddy in your unit who reads it may swear off drinking for the rest of his life as a result—and yet still receive a failing grade. Why? Your peer is not the assigned audience. While peers may indeed be the ones who are driving, they do not have the authority to effect a change at the group level.
Purpose: To convince your audience that 1) the problem is real; 2) the problem can be addressed; 3) your solution can make a difference; and 4) your solution is both practicable and is superior to other ideas.
Characteristics of good proposals:
 Specific
 Actionable
 Feasible
 Limited in scope: You may address the topic in its entirety or only one aspect of it.
 Based on clear, defensible reasoning
 Provide sufficient evidence (e.g., from academic research, from interviews of those who
run such programs, from interviews of those who do drive while under the influence and those who don’t, successful programs elsewhere, etc.)
Organization of the essay:
 Follow your proposal with a) your arguments for the proposed change, b) the target audience’s anticipated counter-arguments against the proposal, and c) your response(s) to those counter-arguments (objections, reasons against, reservations, etc.).
 A minimum of 5 paragraphs—an introductory paragraph, 3 or more body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
1. Your first draft of the essay will be due by the date and time stated on the course syllabus.
2. Length should be 3-5 pages. That’s not 2 pages plus a few lines, but a bare minimum of 3 full pages of content, excluding the heading information. Double-space. Use Times New Roman
typeface in 12 point and standard margins (1” margins all around).
3. Read the files related to this assignment on the course web page.
4. If you do incorporate information from outside sources, you must provide both in-text and
bibliographic citations in MLA format. Refer to your handbook for the specifics of MLA
format if you are not familiar with them.
5. The heading of your paper should have your name, date, course number, and the title of this
assignment: Essay #2 – Proposal.
6. Below your heading, on page 1 place your title for the essay, centered (but not underlined, not
in a bigger font, not all caps, and not italicized or highlighted in any other way). Push yourself
to come up with something creative.
7. FOR MY BENEFIT: Above your title include this: “The target audience for this proposal is
____________ .” Give the position, but name no names, please. I don’t need to know.