Select a health topic of interest to you that is relevant to your current area of practice.

Assignment: Critiquing Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed Methods Studies
Critiquing the validity and robustness of research featured in journal articles provides a critical foundation for engaging in evidence-based practice. In Weeks 5 and 6, you explored quantitative research designs. In Week 7, you will examine qualitative and mixed methods research designs. For this Assignment, which is due by Day 7 of Week 7, you critique a quantitative and either a qualitative or a mixed methods research study and compare the types of information obtained in each.

To prepare:
• Select a health topic of interest to you that is relevant to your current area of practice. The topic may be your Course Portfolio Project or a different topic of your choice.
• Using the Walden Library, locate two articles in scholarly journals that deal with your portfolio topic:

• 1) Select one article that utilizes a quantitative research design and

• 2) select a second article that utilizes either a qualitative OR a mixed methods design. These need to be single studies not systematic or integrative reviews (including meta-analysis and metasynthesis).

• You may use research articles from your reference list. If you cannot find these two types of research on your portfolio topic, you may choose another topic.
• Locate the following documents in this week’s Learning Resources to access the appropriate templates, which will guide your critique of each article:
o Critique Template for a Qualitative Study
o Critique Template for a Quantitative Study
o Critique Template for a Mixed-Methods Study
• Consider the fields in the templates as you review the information in each article. Begin to draft a paper in which you analyze the two research approaches as indicated below. Reflect on the overall value of both quantitative and qualitative research. If someone were to say to you, “Qualitative research is not real science,” how would you respond?

To complete this Assignment:
• Complete the two critiques using the appropriate templates.
• Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:
• Contrast the types of information that you gained from examining the two different research approaches in the articles that you selected.
o Describe the general advantages and disadvantages of the two research approaches featured in the articles. Use examples from the articles for support.
o Formulate a response to the claim that qualitative research is not real science. Highlight the general insights that both quantitative and qualitative studies can provide to researchers. Support your response with references to the Learning Resources and other credible sources.
• As you complete this Assignment, remember to:
• Submit your paper to Grammarly and SafeAssign through the Walden Writing Center. Based on the Grammarly and SafeAssign reports, revise your paper as necessary.
• Reminder: The School of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references. The School of Nursing Sample Paper provided at the Walden Writing Center provides an example of those required elements (available from the Walden University website found in this week’s Learning Resources). All papers submitted must use this formatting.
• Combine all three parts of this assignment into one Word document including both critique templates and the narrative with your references. Submit this combined document.

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Name: NURS_5052_Weeks_2+5+7+10_Assignment_and_Project_Rubric
Description: NURS 6052 Weeks 2, 5, 7, 10 Assignment and Project Rubric

• Grid View
• List View
Show Descriptions
1. The extent to which work meets the assigned criteria and work reflects graduate level critical and analytic thinking (0-30 Points)–
Outstanding Performance 30 (30%) – 30 (30%)
Excellent Performance 25 (25%) – 29 (29%)
Competent Performance 20 (20%) – 24 (24%)
Proficient Performance 16 (16%) – 19 (19%)
Room for Improvement 0 (0%) – 15 (15%)
QUALITY OF WORK SUBMITTED: Purpose of the paper is clear (0-5 Points)–
Outstanding Performance 5 (5%) – 5 (5%)
Excellent Performance 5 (5%) – 5 (5%)
Competent Performance 4 (4%) – 4 (4%)
Proficient Performance 1 (1%) – 3 (3%)
Room for Improvement 0 (0%) – 0 (0%)
The extent to which the work reflects the student’s ability to-
1. Understand and interpret the assignment’s key concepts (0-10 Points)–
Outstanding Performance 10 (10%) – 10 (10%)
Excellent Performance 9 (9%) – 9 (9%)
Competent Performance 8 (8%) – 8 (8%)
Proficient Performance 5 (5%) – 7 (7%)
Room for Improvement 0 (0%) – 4 (4%)
ASSIMILATION AND SYNTHESIS OF IDEAS 2. Apply and integrate material in course resources (i.e. video, required readings, and textbook) and credible outside resources (0-20 Points)–
Outstanding Performance 20 (20%) – 20 (20%)
Excellent Performance 15 (15%) – 19 (19%)
Competent Performance 10 (10%) – 14 (14%)
Proficient Performance 3 (3%)


Remember that your template for the literature review needs to be copied and pasted to the end of your Week 5 assignment after the reference page. I am providing you with the easiest way to accomplish that task to have the paper in Portrait orientation and the Literature Review template in landscape. It is to be submitted as one file.
When you finish with your paper, go to the very end and hit return so that your cursor goes to a new line. Go to the top of the page and click on the Insert tab. On the far left side, click on Page Break. Then, go to the new page you just created. Click on the Page Layout tab. In the box that shows Page Setup at the bottom, click on the small arrow in the lower right corner. This will open a new dialog box. In the new box, click the box that is labeled landscape. Then, go down toward the bottom where you see Apply . Click on the drop down menu and select This point forward. It should only change that last page to landscape. Then, you can copy and paste the template onto the new page. I hope this helps.

Welcome to Week 7! Your posts are improving each week. You are adding value and benefit to your learning community. The learning taking place in this course will serve you well as you continue life-long learning and your future careers in healthcare. Thank you for your attention and diligence to the assignments and assigned criteria in this course.
Remember, to review the Week 6 guidelines and the sample paper for the assignment you will turn in before Day 7 of this week. You are to combine all three parts into one Word document (the paper and the two templates). Please see the previous announcement with instructions for adding templates to a WORD document. Be sure to submit the entire document to Grammarly and SafeAssign. Be sure to copy and paste the rubric after the templates. Be sure to save the document as instructed in the Week 7 guidelines.