Sharing challenges and solutions | English homework help

compass icon-01.png Overview:

As you put everything together this week and work on structuring and writing your research essay for the Unit 3: Addressing Issues Research Essay Assignment, use the discussion board to connect with your classmates and work out any problems you are having as you write.

quill icon-01.pngAssignment:

Write an initial post in which you share your most pressing questions and thoughts about your own writing as you complete the Revised Proposal and work on the Research Essay. As you write, try to create openings for your classmates to offer their insight and perspectives to the questions you ask.

Look back over the assignment prompt for Unit 3: Addressing Issues Research Essay Assignment and also look back at your submission for the Revised Research Proposalassignment. You might consider some of the following questions to get you started:

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  • What parts of the research essay assignment seem the most challenging for you? What parts would you like your classmates to help explain? What criteria would you like help addressing?
  • Where are you having the most difficulty in planning and writing? What questions can you ask of your classmates to help you address these problems?
  • What gaps are you finding in your research that your classmates can help you address?
  • Of the basic “ingredients” for making arguments, which are you most unsure how to use in your writing? What strategies can you gather from your classmates?
  • What weaknesses or challenges are you finding in your process of writing (your writing environment, schedule, etc.)? How might ideas from your classmates help you?