Should public admin be a field?


The purpose of this project is to take and defend a position on whether or not public administration should be
its own field of study. To that end, you will answer
these questions in support of your argument: How is public administration defined? How is it different from and
similar to business administration? How has
public administration incorporated concepts and theories from business administration?
Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below.
I. Introduction: In this section, state your position on whether you think public administration should be
considered its own field of study. Why or why
II. History of Public Administration: In this section, you will define public administration as an academic
discipline and outline the major events that have
shaped its evolution.
A. Define the academic discipline of public administration.
B. Illustrate the causes and results of Woodrow Wilson’s contributions to public administration as its own
C. Explain the role civil service reform played in forming high standards in public administration in the United
III. Public Administration vs. Business Administration: Compare and contrast business administration and
public administration.
A. Identify theories that have been incorporated into public administration from business administration, and
how those theories have evolved
over time. For example, how did classical organizational-management theory impact modern organizational
culture and management? Of these
theories, which have you experienced in practice? Provide an example.
B. Evaluate the purpose of public administration compared to business administration. How are they similar
and how are they distinct?
C. Assess the practical realities of public administration compared to business administration. In which sectors
of the economy are both practiced?
How are the career opportunities and codes of conduct different?
IV. Conclusion: In this section, conclude your paper by restating your thesis and summarizing the major points
of your argument.


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