Staffing activities against training or compensation activities

1. Regardless of the method being employed, any performance appraisal system should meet two criteria:

Reliability—providing consistent results each time it is used for the same person and situation, and
Validity—actually measuring people on dimensions with direct relevance to job performance.

Measurement errors that can reduce the reliability or validity of performance appraisals include:

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Halo error—results when one person rates another person on several different dimensions and gives a similar rating for each dimension.
Leniency error—some managers tend to give relatively high ratings to virtually everyone under their supervision; the opposite is strictness error—giving everyone a low rating.
Central tendency error—occurs when managers lump everyone together around the average, or middle, category
Recency error—occurs when a rater allows recent events to influence a performance rating over earlier events
Personal bias error—displays expectations and prejudices that fail to give the job-holder complete respect, such as showing racial bias in ratings.

QUESTION: Are there sustained the link between motivation, rewards, and performance? Please share your thoughts, rationales and examples
2. What are examples of how staffing activities influenced by training or compensation activities?
3.Why is it important for the organization to view all components of staffing (recruitment, selection, employment) from the perspective of the job applicant?
4.One could argue that the government doesn’t do enough to intervene based on the fact that although many laws, acts, and decrees protect employees and employers alike, it is difficult to focus attention on some matters. Increases in wages, for example, may be something that the government ought to look into more closely and with more severity. Wages are a great source of struggle and anguish for many people. If the government increases wages in line living costs, then all would be well, but this is not always the case. However, one could also argue that the government gets involved in such issues too readily, and that sometimes it’s best for the employees and employers to work out their differences on their own.





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