Starting and running a business.


What is one thing you learned from the video that you didn’t already know about owning a small business?
Would you still want to start a small business? What motivates you or turns you off to owning your own business?

Entrepreneurship – Accepting the _______________ of starting and running a business.

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Not everyone will share your ________________________.

Why do people become entrepreneurs? ______________ vs. ______________

Many reasons become entrepreneurs are to live the American dream – doing something they are ____________________ about, and/or the ______________________ of being their own boss.

______________________ prepared me to own my own business.

Some personality traits of being an entrepreneur include:

Some types of entrepreneurships are:

______________________ ______________________ 3. _____________________
The importance of small businesses:

Over ____ million in the US. Create _____% of new jobs.

Get at least ___ years of experiences, preferably working for a small business (comparable to the one you want to start).

Need to know two things: How to run a _______ __________ and how to run _______ small business.

_________ ____________________ is one of the primary reasons businesses fail.

If you ____________ to plan, you _____________ to fail.

Know your _____________ and your _______________, which is critical to your success.

When times are tight, you don’t _______________ people something you can do yourself.





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